FarmVR featured at the Australian Sheep Show, in Bendigo and was a real crowd pleaser. One of the big outcomes we discovered was that FarmVR was for at least 90% of people, their first Virtual Reality Experience.

Recognising that the majority of the show goers were involved in the sheep and wool industry, we prepared an engaging 3-minute educational FarmVR experience for them to immerse themselves into. In this initimate VR experience, Vince Fleming, Agricultural Teacher at Urrbrae Agricultural High School demonstrated how to assist in ewe in lambing difficulties, or lambing dissohea as Vince describe it. It was incredible to watch as the showgoers joined Vince and Kym “virtually” paddock, and looked on as they pulled the lamb out of the ewe and then proceeded to clear the airways of the lamb. The compelling piece is part of a series of experiences, designed to educate students, or other interested parties on the technique used in this situation.

Another real buzz was catching up with the teachers and students from Urrbrae Agricultural High School, who had a chance to watch themselves in FarmVR, we can’t thank them enough for showing the initiative and being an early adopter of Virtual Reality in their classroom. Learn more here

It was incredible once again to see the array of teachers, students, agricultural industry professionals, farmers and general public tried on the VR headsets. We estimated that at over 300 people experiences FarmVR at the Australia Sheep Show that weekend.

To plant a seed and develop further content, we collaborated with Scott Davies from Trutest to produce a VR Experience of their amazing “Prattley auto drafter”. Scott loved the concept and can’t wait to show his team on innovative way to train and market their equipment.

Thanks to Mac McArthur for contacting us and inviting us to be part of the innovation and technology hub, designed to encourage the next generation to uptake agriculture as a career pathway.

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