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FarmVR is a Virtual Reality Agricultural Experience, designed to “immerse” people into various agricultural experiences to learn more about where their food comes from, consider Agriculture and a career pathway and assist teachers to engage with their students in the classroom.

The Producer - Tim Gentle

Immerse yourself into life on the land, to learn & be entertained.

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Who is FarmVR designed for?

Designed initially for the classroom, the Virtual Reality experiences currently have an educational focus. Designed for the teacher eg. Agricultural & Science to offer their students (P-12, High Ed) to engage in. The 360-video content can be viewed on a desktop computer and a mobile device, the vision is however, that the teacher has a classroom set of VR goggles for students to immerse themselves into the experience.

Other target markets include the export markets, eg. importer/buyer at an international trade show can view and compare how Australia produces our “green clean” agricultural produce. The entertainment market eg. Delivering a FarmVR stand at Agricultural Shows and via individual downloads from the app stores. Finally, the Primary Industries Bodies themselves, Corporates and Brands, are always seeking innovative ways to communicate with their own audience, FarmVR can assist with them to achieve this.


There are VR experiences that have been aligned to the school curriculum, this allows Agricultural Teachers to use FarmVR in the classroom. There are many ways the students can engage in the content, from their laptops, to Google Cardboard to VR Headsets.

The teacher would introduce a topic, and then at a certain point in the lesson, they can take their students on a “Virtual Field Trip”. For example, they could using FarmVR to visit a dairy farm to understand more about where milk comes from.

Virtual Reality Headset

Feedback & Suggestion

As this project is in it’s early development phase, any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated. Please email them through to tim@farmvr.com.au

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