The people behind FarmVR Virtual Reality Farming Experiences

Over the past 12 months, #FarmVR has collaborated with some amazing people to help educate people where their food comes from, inspire them to take up Agriculture as a career pathway and help Agriculture Teachers better engage with their students. Humbly...

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Digital Futures Forum – State Library of Queensland

So thrilled to have the opportunity to up skill and build the digital confidence of libraries across Queensland (and further abroad) to head back to their communities to inspire #digital storytelling on a whole new level! #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality...

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Event Recap – Rockhampton Show

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Today we launched the #FarmVR App at the Rockhampton Show. #FarmVR is an immersive #VirtualReality experience of some of the most amazing Agricultural properties from around Australia. It is massive leap forward for Agricultural education...

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