Case Study

Urrbrae Agricultural High School

Urrbrae Agricultural High School, in South Australia have been instrumental in the development of FarmVR and are one of the early adopters to integrate Virtual Reality Experiences into their classroom.

Vince Fleming and Damien Brookes are two very experience Agricultural Teachers with over 20 years experience between them. Both Vince and Damien, along with their students have been involved in producing many of the FarmVR experiences. The major benefits is that the FarmVR experiences have been aligned with agricultural curriculum.

Although it is only early days yet, the feedback from the teachers and students is incredible. They love the immersive nature of the content, how it engages the student and improves the learning process.

“To be able to demonstrate some of these experiences without needing to leave the classroom is so exciting, it’s not everyday you get to watch a lamb being born, but now you can” Vince Fleming, Agricultural Teacher
“The virtual experiences help prepare our students for the real deal, so when we head out to the paddock, they are better equipped to take on the exercise” Damien Brookes, Agricultural Teacher

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