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Creating engaging Immersive Education experiences in your classroom

Creating immersive education experiences in your classroom is an exciting way to innovate and engage with your students in the classroom. To integrate FarmVR into your classroom experiences, you have several options as follows;


  1. Visit and do a search on FarmVR. We have done it for your here.
  2. Download and use the Lesson Plans below
  3. Create your own lessons plans

Lesson Topic : Animal Health and Calf Records

Target: Year 9

ELBS148 (Ensuring investigations involving animals is justifiable, humane and considerate)\

Health is paramount in maximising production and is used as a tool to determine animal husbandry and management.
This Practical activity is designed to give an insight into identification, what to look for in animal health, observe animal behaviour and welfare.

Word.doc > FarmVR Lesson Plan – Year 9 Agriculture Calf Records and Health

PDF > FarmVR Lesson Plan – Year 9 Agriculture Calf Records and Health


Lesson Topic : Determining Basic Animal Health: Practical Skills Assessment

Target: Year 10-12 Agriculture or Certificate 2 in Agriculture.

An animal disease is any kind of upset in the normal body functioning that has an adverse effect on the animal. This upset or deviation from the normal leads to signs and symptoms of disease. All diseases are costly to the farmer and result in lost production and increased costs of production.

Word.doc > FarmVR Lesson Plan – Year 10-12 Animal health Assessment

PDF >  FarmVR Lesson Plan – Year 10-12 Animal health Assessment

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